Used marine gearboxes


Marine gearboxes are the most underappreciated and misunderstood parts of marine vessels. This is because they are very efficient at what they do and to an extent, boring to learn about. Due to its simplistic nature and the fact that most gearboxes will last a while, most users don’t know the functionality of a marine gearbox. That is where we come in.

Functions of Marine Gearboxes

To set the ratio between the engine rotations per minute and propeller rotations per minute. This is because if the engine’s rpm was reflected directly to that of the propeller, the propeller would be very inefficient. To control this, the gears in the gearbox slow down the rotations per minute to almost half that of the engine

Used marine gearboxes

They provide Neutral, which simply means it controls when the engine and the propellers engage.

They enable reverse rotation.

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