If you are looking to buy a second hand mini buses, there are three main factors you should put into consideration. They include the history, the passengers to be carried, and the bodywork of the minibus. When purchasing a used minibus, always ask about its history. This determines the condition it is in at the time of purchase. In addition, things like the miles coverage and the use of the minibus are good questions to ask. Also, consider asking for the MOT history. The less the mileage and goods it has carried then the better the condition it will be in.

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At, when purchasing a used minibus, we consider what you are going to use it for. If in the case you are going to transport goods then the interior design should be able to allow this. If your minibus will be transporting passengers be sure to check on how the arrangement of the seats facilitates easy movement. This is applicable especially for public transport. If it will be for private means, the number of family members it will be transporting determines the arrangement. The seats can either be aligned vertically or horizontally depending on your liking. We recommend going for the one that has alignments to your liking. At Womy. Com, we offer second-hand minibuses that are in good condition backed by our 25-year experience. Our team of trained specialists inspects the engine, air conditioning, and the tires, suspension of the van, the brakes, steering, and the window to ensure we meet the customers’ needs.

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