How to use a Polaroid sticker and Instax sticker film?

Nowadays we all use our phones. It has become an integral part of our lives, and so does photography. Did you know that you can combine these two? A polaroid sticker has been designed to print pictures with your phone or just to print photos. This is obviously great, but what is necessary to make a Polaroid sticker work?

Get high quality photos with a good lens

There are some great decorations related to photography, including an Instax sticker film. You can personalize it in your own way, which is great fun. Printing photos by using a Polaroid sticker is also a good idea. However, you do need a high quality lens to get the very best pictures. One term that comes by when speaking about the lens is the so-called ‘aperture. This is  another term for the 'opening' or 'hole' in the lens. So simply said, the aperture is how open the lens is. It works really easilu actually. How less open the hole in the lens is, the less light it can let in.

Photography and light

Hopefully it’s already clear that the light is a very important part of photography, whether you want to print pictures with your phone or use photos for decorations. Without  the perfect light, your photos will look terrible. If you’re really interested in photography, study which light and which angle work best when taking pictures.

Like a light switch

You can basically see the aperture as a light switch which is necessary for Polaroid pictures. Without a good lens, it’s not even possible to make a Polaroid sticker or an Instax stickerThe second thing to note about the lens is the so-called ‘resistivity'. This is another important term to remember if you’re interested in photography. Resistivity happens when you magnify the image of the scene. The more the lens magnifies an image, the more its resistance to light is affected.


The element that makes up a lens is the 'condenser' or 'condensation'. This is a device used to remove extra light – from whatever is the main subject in the photograph. It’s being used to photograph flowers, for example. There are actually many occasions for using condensers, especially in low light conditions. For example, a photographer can put a condenser in the sun near a flower to stop light being picked up by the flower. This allows more light to get to the flower. Do you prefer Polaroid photos of yourself, family and friends? Then try the condenser as well. It might get you great photos and decorations!



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